Are cbd edibles legal?

Are cbd edibles legal? The CBD industry is booming! The legality of edibles is debatable. According to The Washington Post, the FDA does not currently approve of CBD as a food additive, and the movement of CBD-infused edibles across state lines is not a legal practice. Still, it appears that the FDA has been turning a blind eye in most cases. That alone indicates that the FDA will likely loosen their stance on the additive in the coming years, but they will probably make a move to regulate the additive further and the health claims producers can make. If the FDA were to loosen their stance, an influx of CBD-infused products is likely. As The Washington Post notes, several major companies are chomping at the bit to enter the arena, but they can’t open themselves up to the legal grey area. There is a lot of money in CBD-infused products, but the money that can be made isn’t worth the legal battle for many larger companies.